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Prior Achievements 

The results David has achieved over the course of his career speak for themselves.  He has helped his clients save or recover significant sums on numerous occasions.  David’s successful representations include the following:


  • Saved a Medicaid health insurer approximately $12 million in defending a contract lawsuit filed by a hospital system after quickly learning the applicable regulatory framework and persuading the chancery judge during oral argument to adopt a favorable methodology for valuing hundreds of the hospital system’s contract claims.


  • Saved a third-generation family furniture business that had met just 20% of its sales quota from losing its most prestigious nationally known supplier by portraying the business relationship as a franchise and obtaining a preliminary injunction under the New Jersey Franchise Practices Act.


  • Detected suspicious accounting issues in a lease dispute involving Newark and the Port Authority and thereby prompted a forensic accounting investigation which ultimately led to a settlement worth tens of millions of dollars.


  • Selected as lead counsel for several municipalities in an environmental case involving remediation of a former co-disposal landfill site projected to cost $20-35 million; developed arguments that led to a favorable cost allocation for all municipalities; negotiated a settlement which required his client, the largest supplier of waste at the site, to pay less proportionately over 30 years than other large suppliers were required to pay immediately.                                                     


  • Recovered 100 cents on the dollar for a consumer electronics company in a $5 million contract dispute with its largest computer distributor in the Western Hemisphere.


  • Secured several rulings reversing zoning boards’ restrictions on his clients’ business uses of their property, including rulings that the board actions were arbitrary and capricious as a matter of law.


  • Obtained a seven figure recovery for a personal injury client after developing a strong case for punitive damages against the manufacturer of the product which injured him and overcoming the client’s signing of a general release before his accident.


  • Recovered $250,000 for medical supply company in a breach of contract dispute with a multibillion dollar distributor 200 times its size.


  • Obtained a seven figure recovery for a general contractor in a construction case involving complex geochemistry and civil engineering issues.


  • Successfully represented national manufacturers in actions involving theft of customers and trade secrets.


  • Won summary judgment on an appeal by a cardiologist sued by a cardiac surgeon colleague for defamation and thereby avoided a lengthy trial which would have required the participation of an entire hospital medical department.


Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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